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Pampas grass: a giant grass

Pampas grass: a giant grass

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Pampas Grass is one of the most majestic but also one of the most invasive grasses.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cortaderia selloana
Family : Poaceae
Type : Grass, perennial

: 1.5 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : September to October

Planting Pampas Grass

Preferably in spring or fall in soil mixed with potting soil.

  • Pampas grass loves the sun
  • It is not very sensitive to the nature of the soil
  • Multiplication by division of the tuft in spring.

Pampas grass pruning

It is up to you to whether or not to keep inflorescences and foliage in winter because they can be pruned or on the contrary preserved.

But the pampas grass can quickly become invasive if we do nothing, then here are our size tips:

  • Cut back as short as possible in late fall when the leaves and inflorescences have dried.
  • Mulch the base with dried leaves if the winter is severe in your area.
  • In areas with mild winters, you can just cut 50 cm from the ground without protecting the foot.

Good to know about Pampas grass

Very decorative and can even become spectacular, this perennial offers beautiful floral stems and culms that can measure up to 4 m high.

But if it is very ornamental, it can become invasive. It is expected that its marketing will be banned in France because of its ability to multiply too quickly and thus invade entire areas of virgin land.

It is also found in isolation and this is where it will be best individually enhanced but, if we have a lot of space, we also like to form large expanses of grass in the Pampas.

When planting, avoid planting too close to a hedge or to a neighbor because you can't imagine that it can become so imposing!

Smart tip about Pampas grass

The pozzolan goes very well with Pampas Grass.

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