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Tritoma: beautiful and original

Tritoma: beautiful and original

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The tritoma, kniphofias or false aloe is a beautiful perennial native to South Africa. Its flowering is quite original while the decorative effect is guaranteed.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Kniphofia
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Perennial

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Limestone

Flowering : June to November

Maintenance is quite easy for this flower, which will quickly find its place at the bottom of a bed in your garden.

Planting tritoma

It is recommended to plant the tritomas in spring respecting a 40 cm spacing between each plant.

  • A well-drained soil is strongly recommended, especially for winter
  • Prefer a sunny location to have a beautiful flowering
  • The planting depth is approximately 10-15 cm
  • Group your tritoma by 3 or 4 per m2 for a beautiful decorative effect

You can mix your soil with flowering plant potting soil for better results.

Tritoma pruning and maintenance

Very easy to maintain, the tritoma shouldn't be a problem for you, especially when properly installed.

  • Remove faded flowers as you go.
  • Cover the foot with mulch to maintain moisture in spring and summer as tritoma dreads drought.

Even if the tritoma is quite frost resistant (down to -13 °), protect the foot of your tritoma with a good mulching in winter if the climate in your area is cold.

To know about the tritoma

Very original, this perennial that is also sometimes called "False aloe " or "Brand of Satan Is remarkable for its flowering.

Shades of red, orange and yellow give a flamboyant effect with its erect stems that are sure to be noticed in a bed or in the middle of a bouquet.

Quite rustic in our regions, the tritoma is resistant to low or even negative temperatures and can sometimes flower until December.

A particularly honey-bearing plant, the tritoma will participate advantageously in pollination in your garden.

Smart tip about tritoma

Adding fertilizer in the spring can improve flowering.

To read also:

  • Multiply your tritomas by division of the tuft

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