Beech: a tree of great beauty

Beech is a beautiful tree which is one of the major species of our forests. Here are all our tips for cultivating beech properly.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Fagus sylvatica
Family : Fagaceae
Type : Tree

: 10 to 40 m
Weather : Temperate
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : April May

Beech plantation

Beech is plant in the fall like most trees although, purchased in containers, it can also be planted until early spring.

  • Beech particularly likes situations sunny but tolerates the half shade.
  • It is not very sensitive to the nature of the soil, whether it is rich or poor, limestone or rather acid.
  • Beech does not like soils that are too wet, such as riversides which can flood.
  • Put a voucher mulching when planting to promote root development.

Follow our advice for plant a tree well

In hedges, respect a distance of 100 to 120 cm between each subject.

Beech pruning

Pruning beech is not essential at all and you can let your tree grow as you wish if you have the space.

But it is also possible to prune the beech to reduce its size if necessary. The best beech pruning period is then atautumn or to spring, apart from any risk of frost.

Note that when the beech grows on the edge of pasture and it is regularly grazed by cows or horses, it tends to grow in hedges and hardly exceeds the size of the cattle.

Prune the old twigs during the winter, this operation will promote the development of the foliage.

Beech maintenance

Beech is not only known for the quality of its wood, but also for its fruits, whose almond produces an excellent edible oil.

Fairly indifferent to the nature of the soil, it should adapt well to any location.

Once properly installed, beech requires no maintenance.

The resistance of beech to cold and frost is of the order of -20°, which makes it a tree rustic in most of our climates.

Not very sensitive to diseases, there are nevertheless some attacks of fungi and sometimes even mealybugs which tend to weaken oak.

To know about beech

The beech is one of the most famous and renowned trees in Europe for having been and still being one of the most cultivated of our forests.

Forests made up exclusively of beech trees are called beech grovesbut it is generally found associated with species such as Oak.

common (Fagus sylvatica), commonly referred to simply as the beech

We particularly appreciate its wood in cabinet making, for the manufacture of furniture or worktops but also for its quality as firewood.

A large tree, it easily reaches 20 m in height and has a good lifespan since it is easy to find beeches centenarians.

Beech bark is easily recognizable as it remains very thin regardless of its age and extremely smooth.

Beech gives fruits that we call beechnuts.

Smart tip about beech

Beech foliage creates a wonderful shade space that you will particularly appreciate during the heat of summer!

It will participate more in the decor of your garden if you can choose it in a green or purple color.

Video: Identifying a beech tree and some uses for it (October 2020).