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Oysters au gratin with Morbier

Oysters au gratin with Morbier

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Here is a beautiful and original way to cook oysters with this Morbier oyster au gratin recipe.

This is a recipe that can be used as a starter as well as an accompaniment to an aperitif.

Cooking : 2 min

Difficulty level : Easy

Budget : Way

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 12 oysters
  • 100 g of Morbier
  • 1 gingerbread
  • Coarse salt

Oysters au gratin with Morbier

- Clean and brush the oysters. Open them and remove their water.

- Cut the Morbier into thin slices.

- Cut the gingerbread into slices and crumble it.

- Put the oven in the grill position.

- In a baking sheet, pour the coarse salt and place the oysters there. In each, place a slice of Morbier and cover with crumbled gingerbread.

- Place the oysters under the oven grill just enough time to brown them.

Chef's BBA

Opening of oysters:

- Use a special knife or a small kitchen knife with a sharp and solid blade.

- In the other hand, place a tea towel folded in four.

- Place the oyster, rounded side, in the palm of your hand.

- Insert the knife 2/3 of the oyster from the hinge. Cut the muscle and lift the shell to detach the upper part.


But where does this ashy line that cuts the Morbier in two come from?

To understand this particularity, we have to go back two centuries. In isolated farms, the farmers of Franche-Comté prepared a cheese in two batches. Once the morning curd was placed in a mold, they covered it with a thin layer of wood ash in order to protect it. In the evening, they added the curds from the second milking. Today, the famous black line is drawn with charcoal, but the principle

remains the same. The ripening of the Morbier lasts a month and a half, the time to develop its creamy taste and for its rind to take on a light gray or beige-orange color. Made from cow's milk, Morbier obtained an AOC in 2000.

Recipe: A. Beauvais, Photo: S. Thommeret

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