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Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the caramel tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the caramel tree

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Superb in the fall and very fragrant, the caramel tree is a wonder in the garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Family : cercidiphyllaceae
Type : Tree

: 5 to 15 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Rather rich

: Expired -Flowering : Insignificant

Planting the caramel tree

Like most plants, the best time to plant the Caramel Tree is theautumn.

This is when rooting is best for next spring.

But for subjects purchased in jar / container, you can also plant it at spring taking care to water it well the first year after planting.

  • The Caramel Tree likes light, deep and cool soils.
  • The more acidic the soil, the more improved and more flamboyant the fall colors.
  • Follow our advice planting trees.
  • You will choose a sunny exposure or partially sunny.

Pruning and caring for the caramel tree

Once properly installed, the caramel tree requires little care and maintenance.

  • To promote tree growth, plan to water regularly for the first year after planting.

How to prune a caramel tree:

No pruning of the caramel tree is really necessary.

You can, however, if necessary, reduce or balance the branches in the spring, late summer or fall.

Do not prune the caramel tree in winter.

To know about the caramel tree

The cercidiphyllum, popularly known as the caramel tree is native to Asia.

Although the flowering is insignificant, this tree does not lack advantages. Its magnificent green foliage in spring and summer gives way to a colorful fireworks display in the fall.

It is especially in the fall that it is most spectacular with flamboyant hues ranging from yellow, orange to red.

The rest of the year, it offers pretty, soft green leaves and very light flowering before they appear.

It is considered to be a very fast growing and very winter hardy tree with a hardiness close to -20 °.

In Canada, the caramel tree is called katsura tree. Among the most interesting varieties, we will appreciate the‘Weeping caramel tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum pendula).

Smart tip about the caramel tree

A mulching is always recommended to maintain humidity in summer and protect against cold in winter.

Photo credit: Istockphoto paylessimages and Fotolia berner51

Video: Weeping katsura tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendulum - Plant Identification (June 2022).


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