Garden flowers

Winter planters

Even in winter, there are many plants that can be used to decorate balconies and window sills..

Winter flowers, gleaming berries and evergreen, colorful foliage blend happily. Enjoy it!

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Colors in winter

Want to extend the Christmas spirit with green and red? The plants bend to your wishes offering, with bright flowers of miniature cyclamen, red berries of skimmia or from Gaultheria, leaves of leucothoe, reddened by cold - especially the variety 'Scarletta'- or leaves of'heuchère "Purple Palace", naturally purple.

Reserve the pine green in the planter and prefer light green foliage, brighter, to accompany these intense, deep but sometimes a little dark shades for the greyness of winter: the santolina soft green, the sage ‘Icterina’, variegated ivy or Oriental Limelight ’mugwort, green mixed with golden yellow ...

Add mystery, at night, by illuminating your composition with white or multicolored light tubes, placed at the base of the plants, around the planter or inside the tufts.

Lit from below, the plants will be magnified, the berries will take on the appearance of forbidden fruit and the yellow of the variegated foliage will illuminate the whole.

Fancy a Christmas tree?

Always in the spirit of Christmas, the tree. You can't plant one in a flowerpot, of course ... unless you resort to a trick: get one of those really dwarf conifers with the cone-like silhouette. A juniper ‘Sentinel’ or a Stricta ’, a false cypress Top Point’ or Nana Gracilis ’, for a large planter; a dwarf blue fir, with metallic reflections, a dwarf Serbian fir or a dwarf spruce, with a cone-shaped silhouette resembling a Christmas tree, for a large container (40 to 50 cm side and depth at least).

Plant them in the company of low or hanging plants that will give pride of place to their remarkable shape: heather or some hellebores which will liven up the composition, small grasses like an "Evergold" sedge which will form a very luminous carpet at the foot of the tree or a collection of ivy, variegated or with very cut leaves.

After a few years in a container, these dwarf conifers take on an imposing stature (1.50 to 2 m high and wide) for a life in balcony or window sill: it is better then to install them in the garden.

Photo credit: The Plant of the Month

Video: How to Create a Winter Planter. Hillier Garden Centres (October 2020).