In March, prune your roses!

In March, prune your roses!

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March is the ideal month to prune your climbing, ascending and bush roses ...

We explain why.

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Why prune roses in March

You usually do not prune your roses ... Be careful, by doing so, you risk encouraging the growth of the kindling which will suffocate the plant by depriving it of light. Likewise, faded and not removed flowers exhaust the rose bush because by turning into fruit, and therefore into seeds, they needlessly draw all the sap to the detriment of young branches. So, in March, take advantage of the lengthening days and the rising temperatures to spend some time in the garden and pay your full attention to your roses.

Yes, the main size of the roses is at the end of winter, in February or March depending on the region, when the severe frosts have passed. Of course, you can act later, until April, but always avoiding frosty days. Be careful, however, non-returning roses are pruned as soon as they finish flowering, in August.

Structured roses

Roses need to be structured in a way that allows light to reach the heart of the plant and the wind to flow freely between the branches. But be careful not to cut off the buds as you risk reducing the flowering to come. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from cutting back the plant of two thirds of its height in order to concentrate the sap towards the new branches.

Beforehand, make sure you have properly disinfected your cutting tools as they can be important vectors in the transfer of disease. Likewise, do not forget to burn your waists in order to eliminate diseases and parasites that may have stayed or appear during the winter.

What is certain is that the more attention you pay to your roses, the more impact you will see on its flowering ... You now know what you have to do if you want to see your garden nicely overgrown with roses.

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