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Hibiscus or the charm of the Tropics

Hibiscus or the charm of the Tropics

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With its brightly colored flowers, thehibiscus has the enchanting accents of the Tropics. There is a shrubby form, which thrives in our latitudes and enchants our summers with its multicolored flowers.

Native to India and China, where it was introduced in 1596, thehibiscus syriacus comes in many popular names: althea, tree marshmallow, tree mallow, garden hibiscus, etc. It is a very easy-going shrub with a great adaptability. Place it in full sun, in good, fertile, well-drained soil. Fertilize in spring and water well in summer. Take care that the plant is not exposed to late spring frosts or cold winds, which can cause wilting and falling buds forming.

Hibiscus syriacus: a long flowering

The very spectacular flowering is constantly renewed July to October. The flowers, superb and ephemeral corollas 6 to 8 cm in diameter, appear successively, solitary or carried in pairs. Blue, pink, white or red, single or double, they sometimes have a deeper heart, which emphasizes the decorative effect.

Grown in free form, your hibiscus will form beautiful shrubs, very branched bushes with erect stems. They can reach 2 to 3 meters in height and about 1.50 meters in width.

In the company of other shrubs or perennials, they will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your beds (planting distances: approximately 1.50 meters). You can also plant the hibiscus in perennial beds, to add some flavor to the decor. One or more hibiscus planted in mixed hedges will be the most beautiful effect.

In small gardens, they are also suitable as an isolated on a lawn. If you are patient, you can prune a hibiscus to give it the shape of a small tree. Using successive sizes, build a short trunk while preserving the volume of the head. You will thus have a beautiful miniature tree, original and flowering.

For your balconies, the hibiscus on a stem

Due to its fairly compact appearance and its good adaptation to severe pruning, the hibiscus works well on a balcony. Don’t resist the original elegance of the hibiscus on a stem.

You can buy it already formed. Place it in a container 30 to 40 cm deep. A square bin is very suitable. Your very floriferous mini tree will not fail to stand out!

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