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Holly: there is no lack of quills!

Holly: there is no lack of quills!

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Holly is a shrub that grows spontaneously in most areas and is known by everyone for its prickly foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ilex
Family : Aquifoliaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent
Flowering : May
Fruiting : November to March

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Holly plantation

If holly is found in all regions, it is able to adapt to all types of climates. He tolerates all types of land and withstands most bad weather.

It's better to plant in the fall to promote rooting, but you can plant until spring, avoiding periods of frost.

If you plant in the spring, plan for more regular watering the first year after planting.

  • Holly tolerates the sun but prefers the shade provided by trees in woods and forests
  • He likes a certain humidity and freshness in the ground
  • Regular watering in spring and summer is important the first year after planting.
  • Follow our planting tips.

If you want to plant a holly in full sun, prefer varieties with variegated foliage.

Holly pruning

For holly, no pruning is necessary as long as holly growth is relatively slow.

You can still give it the shape you want without any problem.

  • The best time to prune holly is at end of winter.
  • Born not prune in the fall otherwise you will not enjoy its pretty red berries.
  • Use gloves as its quills may injure you.
  • Avoid putting holly in compost because its leaves are very tough and would take a long time to compost.

To know about holly

Well known for its very spicy leaves, holly is both original and decorative.

Bearing fruits of different colors depending on the species, it offers small berries in the fall that will remain on the shrub throughout the winter and make the bird happiness and blackbirds in particular.

It is this peculiarity that makes it a very decorative during winter.

The red berries are borne by female feet, which need the presence of a male foot to be fertilized.

Holly berries, on the other hand, are toxic to humans.

Holly is a relatively slow growing shrub, if not a tree.

Interesting varieties of holly

Ilex aquifolium : It's about common holly, the most frequently encountered. We find various colors of leaves and berries, ranging from yellow to red through orange.

Ilex altaclerensis : It is a variety of holly very resistant, relatively thorny and rather fast growing. Its leaves are edged with yellow.

Ilex crenata : It's a thornless holly. It offers black berries and is ideal for building a persistent hedge.

Ilex latifolia : Its berries are a deep red and its leaves are interesting for their large size and shiny side.

Holly at Christmas

Its foliage is evergreen and that is what makes it a great decorative foliage for Christmas!

Its shiny and leathery leaves are very decorative, resist the twists and manipulations necessary for decoration.

Holly is also a lucky sign when hung on the wreath door during the holiday season.

This is how holly has become a staple of Christmas decorations over the years.

Smart tip about holly

To have fruit, you have to plant 2 feet, a male and a female ...

Also read: holly is magic!

Visual credits: Holly: © Pixarno Fotolia

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