Do-it-yourself spring

Do-it-yourself spring

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You are starting to miss spring, but it will still be a long time before you can go outside without a coat ...

Spring can already begin with potted bulbs. On the dining room table, on the windowsill and - why not: in the dresser!

Let yourself be inspired by these pretty flowers from the potted bulbs and bring spring home.

Graceful and raw at the same time

That a graceful flower sprouting from such a raw bulb is amazing! It remains a fascinating sight. With potted bulbs, you have a front row seat. L

marvel at the intense and fascinating blue colors and the sweet scents of blue grape hyacinths for example.

Brighten up an interior

In these dark days, colors are a pleasant touch of cheerfulness for the interior.

Bright colors mixed with pastels are very trendy this year. Everything can be mixed in terms of colors, nothing is too crazy.

For example, use grape hyacinth blue hyacinths or some daffodils in colorful pots and your interior will be lively in the blink of an eye.


Potted bulbs are bursting with energy and color. Let your whimsy run its course with vibrant colourways like tulips in hot pink, canary yellow and orange.

Choosing brightly colored flowers and pots in the same colors further accentuates the effect.

Style advice : Create intense contrasts with, for example, hyacinths in bright pink and a royal blue wall or tulips in bold purple in front of a canary yellow wall. It will give you energy!

A little pot of nature

Raw bulbs are too beautiful to hide, because they grow upwards, but also downwards. The stems grow more and more from the bulb and the flowers get bigger and bigger.

But the roots also know how to find their way through obstacles. It is fascinating to see how nature does its job.

See this for yourself and make your own little nature pot. Put different varieties of potted bulbs like blue grape hyacinths and hyacinths in a tall glass jar and let nature do it.

When and how ?

The potted bulbs are on sale until April. Potted bulbs require little care: a sip of water a week and a good spot (avoid heating or direct sunlight).

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